Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Daddy Robes made?
Our robes are hand cut, assembled and sewn at our facility in Beverly Hills, CA. We are the original creators of the fit and pattern and we work hard to keep our efforts in-house! We employ locally and delivery globally!
Can I visit your showroom?
To shop at our West Hollywood location in-person or virtually, you must make an appointment here.

What is Vegan Mink?

Vegan Mink is our cruelty-free alternative that feels & looks like mink. It is insanely warm, and lasts decades with proper care! 

Which is better, Velvet or Vegan Mink Robes?

You will notice the Velvet is a bit lighter and more versatile in all-seasonal wear. Both robes are soft but the Mink is the softest option. If you intend to wear your robe outside in very cold weather, the Mink will keep you warmer than Velvet. However, in hotter climates or homes it is best advised to choose our Velvet patterns.

How do I know what size to get?

Daddy Robes originally came in one BIG size. In 2020 we added a smaller size that is shorter and more appropriate for clients shorter than 5 foot 7. Base your sizing decision on height. If you are taller than 5'7 your selection would typically be our original size L. The size of this robe covers upto 3XL in size and 6'6 in height. The robes and sizing are unisex. If you are taller than 6'6 or weigh over 333 pounds, reach out to us via email at shop@daddy.boutique for custom sizing inquiries.

How long does my package take to arrive?

Processing typically takes 2-5 business days. Delivery is typically within 1 week of your order. Robes shipped within the US will shipped for Free via Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation. Please keep in mind an authorized recipient must be present at the time of delivery.

Orders shipped outside of the US will ship via DHL Express with Signature Confirmation. Please keep in mind an authorized recipient must be present at the time of delivery. We are not responsible for issues, delays, and order inaccuracies as it relates to your local Customs.

Where can I find my tracking number?

 All order details are typically delivered to the email address you provided when ordering. In the event you did not enter a valid email and are seeking information, shoot us an email at shop@daddy.boutique

How do I take care of a Daddy Robe?

Your Daddy Robe comes delivered in a box with care instructions and a warranty. Don't worry, it's not rocket science!

What is The DaddyClub?

The DaddyClub is a subscription box to enjoy our products monthly. Our lowest tier (Bronze) provides a constant stream of Daddy Soap & essential accessories while our highest tier (Gold) allows you to build your collection of robes with a new Daddy Robe & a supply of extras each month! 

How can I make a warranty claim on my robe?
Reach out to us at shop@daddy.boutique with your order number and a brief description of your issue and we will get you a form to claim ASAP!
Do you accept returns/exchanges?
Due to the intimate nature of our product, robes are not typically accepted as a return. Once the box has been opened, the robe is yours to keep!